About the Badgag Developers

Jan Sviland The Badgag creator and developer

Hi, my name is Jan Sviland and I am the creater of Badgag.com. I am a software developer and work this site on my free time. It is still under development and there is a lot of improvements to be done going ahead. If you have a feature request or other feedback, please comment bellow. I will do everything I can to shape the site to fit its users.

If you want to reach out to me personally, then I am avaliable on Facebook and on Email. I am also avaliable on linkedIn, but I do get a lot of requests so I might not answer all of them.

Currently the plan is to activly market the site and try to get more active users.

The main feature I want to develop next is a improved comment system where you can use your badgag username, up vote, down vote and sort. Similar to features surrounding posts. After that I will start developing an Android and Iphone Badgag app.