About the Badgag Developers

Jan Sviland The Badgag creator and developer

Hi, my name is Jan Sviland and I am the creater of Badgag.com. I am a software developer and work this site on my free time. It is still under development and there is a lot of improvements to be done going ahead. If you have a feature request or other feedback, please comment bellow. I will do everything I can to shape the site to fit its users.

If you want to reach out to me personally, then I am avaliable on Facebook and on Email. I am also avaliable on linkedIn, but I do get a lot of requests so I might not answer all of them.

Currently the plan is to activly market the site and try to get more active users.

The main feature I want to develop next is a improved comment system where you can use your badgag username, up vote, down vote and sort. Similar to features surrounding posts. After that I will start developing an Android and Iphone Badgag app.

I am currently working on allowing users to add a Bitcoin address to their profile page. This will allow anyone to send an anonymous tip to them. It will also open for rewarding users in bitcoins based on their contribution to the site. Soon I will lanch a monthly competition where the users with the highest score will receive bitcoins as a reward.